It’s been a long time!!

The last two weeks have been unbelievably busy, so I decided to make a brief pause in the blog posts, but here are the good news: I have TONS of new content!

I have a lot of pictures and videos to upload, which I will be doing here and in “The Sun Canvas”, but for now, I’ll tell you what I have been doing in the last days.

The famous Japanese Summer Fireworks Festivals are there, and I went to watch the festival in Saitama!

I will later upload many more in “The Sun Canvas”, as well as some videos around here!

After this festival I went on a bus tour to Mt. Fuji and Fuji-Q Highland amusement park. It was a 3-day trip and it was really fun!

Unfortunately because of the weather I didn’t get to go to the top of Mt. Fuji, but the view at the 5th checkpoint was also great!

About the amusement park, honestly, I’m more a fan of haunted houses than roller coasters, and there happened to be one of the longest and scariest (of both) there! Review soon!

And then, on saturday, I had the Tokyo Wind Orchestra Contest! I also participated last year, and this year’s classification was even better! We had 3rd place among 43 orchestras, and we get to advance to the Tokyo District Final! If we get to the 2nd or 1st place there, we’ll be able to advance to the National Final in Fukuoka! Crossed fingers on September 22nd!

And now… I’m back in Portugal for holidays! Around one more week and I’ll be back in Japan! Family, friends, beach, blue sky, peacefulness, all I need to take a really good break.

I will be resuming blog activity ASAP. Lots of stuff to share here! Keep tuned!

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