Kanji Tip 14 – 残暑 (lingering summer heat)

It’s still very hot in Tokyo! And that goes just towards today’s Kanji Tip!

It’s read ざんしょ (zansho) and it literally means “lingering summer heat”! It’s a very commonly used word around this time of the year.

The first kanji  is use in the word 残る (のこる, nokoru), which means “remain”.
The second kanji  is used in the word 暑さ (あつさ, atsusa), which means “heat”.

The meaning is just a conjugation of those two words!

And that’s it for today’s tip!

You might wonder why the reading in the word above and the readings of the examples I gave differ, and it is indeed a good question which I will be answering next time!

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