Japanet, the right(?) way to sell products!

I’s been busy times as I’m preparing for my school’s festival this weekend! Gonna make Portuguese food and sell it there! Hope everyone likes it!

But let’s get directly to today’s topic.

Do you know Japanet? It is a TV shopping program with a very particular feature: its president makes the sales.

Mr. Takata Akira takes the products and, with a very particular way of talking, he presents them to the viewers.

Let’s just have a look:

Not really making advertisement to NEC here, it was a randomly chosen video.
I’m not sure if I should recommend you to watch this program xD I mean, it’s not bad, but I can’t seem to be able to listen to this voice for longer than a few seconds! It just keeps bouncing inside my head! Well, I believe some customers might think: “ok, ok, have the money, just shut up!”

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