A little bit of the dream comes true!

And as this was a special week, it had to end with a special event!

Chihara Minori Free Mini-Live and handshake session in Ikebukuro Sunshine City!

It was quite a while since I participated in her events (if I remember correctly, the last one was the D-Formation Live in Oomiya!) God, it’s been really a long time!

It was an event to promote her new album NEO FANTASIA that was released on last December 11th. Based on the “Amusement Park” theme, it has a set of 14 songs, and which one the best!

As for the lead song, TREASURE WORLD, have a look at a short version of its PV below!

As for the mini-live, it was on the Fountain Plaza inside Ikebukuro Sunshine City. Personally it was my first time there and I quite like the place. The stage was right in front of the big fountain, with lots of fans in front (including the priority area for the first ones to get the handshake ticket), as well as on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor! (picture below, from another event)
Minorin appeared in a simple yet beautiful dress to greet everyone with three songs (including the one above).
After the event, there was a handshake session! The (incommensurable) good point is that fans are able to actually see her from a close distance, shake her hand and talk to her while getting that beautiful smile! :3

(Both pictures from her official blog)

However, due to her popularity, fans are, obviously, many. So it’s impossible to let everyone be with her for a long time, which results in a 4-5 seconds in front of her >_< But oh well… It was short but felt really good ^O^ It would be cool if she remembers there is a Portuguese guy in her fan club xD

The next wish is to take a picture with her! Maybe, who knows, one day… :p
But then again if we think logically… maybe 15-20 seconds would be needed, so making the calculation for 20s and, let’s say, 500 people -> 500×20 = 10.000s ≈ 2h45m of waiting if you are the last! Erm… for the time being let’s just pray they think about planning some kind of event like that!

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