Google Zeitgeist 2013 – Japan

End of the year, time to review what happened!
As I did last year, I’m presenting you with the most popular searches from Japanese internet users, provided by Google Zeitgeist.
Details below!

Not a very surprising result, is it? Typhoon is the top word, followed by the hugely popular game Puzzles and Dragons. Right below is the recently released iPhone5S, and not too far below is the last Miyazaki Hayao movie Kaze Tachinu.

There are also some interesting searches for “What is Abenomics?” or “What is iOS7?” And some funny ones asking “Why do cats bite?” or “Why is yen losing interest?” or “How not to get upset?

As for technology, we have the inevitable release of iPhone from Docomo operator, something long awaited by many Japanese people. PS4 and Windows 8 follow right after.

In gaming, aside from Puzzles and Dragons, we also have the new Pokémon X&YMonster Hunter 4Final Fantasy 14, and GTA 5.

Watch the video below to have a glance at Japan’s 2013!

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