2013, so much has happened

Last post of the year!

Following last year idea, this year’s last post will also be dedicated to reviewing my most important activities, with a picture from them!


A lot happened in this month. A lot, yet, it went so fast. Almost one year after all those events, and I’m still not sure if it was good or bad. All I know is it was real. The most real thing I’ve ever felt.

FEBRUARY – marching

This marching performance was THE performance of my life. After almost half a year practicing from zero, having everyone saying to me “do this, do that” (for my own good, of course), and after all those hardships, having been able to safely reach the final of the concert, literally brought me to tears. In the end, my orchestra’s director greeted all members, one by one, for the fantastic job everyone did. I couldn’t help but refuse his handshake and hug him with all my strength while tears endlessly fell from my eyes. My first tears of pure joy.

MARCH – graduation

The Institute that taught me the Japanese I need to use in my everyday life. Flawless School. Made a lot of friends among students, teachers and staff, was able to build the bases for my future. A big Thank You to everyone. After this torrent of feelings, it was time to meet my family once again, after one whole year.

APRIL – new school

Lots of uncertainty, anxiety, worry and other similar common feelings as a new life starts. Thankfully, I was able to make friends and successfully enter this new study routine.
MAY – music

Music is always a part of my routine, but this month was specially full! In addition to every week’s rehearsals, there was a studio session, and the appearance in a Japanese TV program! It was quite exciting!
JUNE – true faces

Beautiful picture isn’t it? As beautiful as someone I know. But only at first glance.

JULY – sports festival

I was part of the organizing group of my school’s 19th sports festival which took place at the famous Tokyo Dome! I enjoyed the event much more than I was expecting at first!

AUGUST – soothing

Although it was my summer holiday month, and despite the keyword for this month, it was a pretty busy month, having culminated with a Mt. Fuji tour, Tokyo Wind Orchestra Contest, and finally a trip to Portugal. Somehow, this lake (Kawaguchiko) soothes me a lot, maybe more than Mt. Fuji itself.

SEPTEMBER – chagrin

After the amazing third place gold prize in the first round of the Tokyo Wind Orchestra Contest, in the final round we dropped to a fifth place silver prize. Everyone fought so hard to reach the National Competition, and it felt so close… so close… We even had the cheer from Portugal Embassy members, including the Ambassador himself. It made me think I might not be giving my best after all… That, or my best isn’t enough.

OCTOBER – monotony

Purposely won’t upload a picture on this one. It was a pretty normal month. Boringly normal. School, rehearsal, school, rehearsal. Without any big happenings.

NOVEMBER – school festival

This one was also much more fun than I was honestly expecting at first. Made a Portuguese dish to sell at my school’s festival and it was a success!

DECEMBER – people

Gonna make a twist on this one.
Interacted with a lot of people in this month. Teachers, classmates, friends and family. Finally my school work is taking form. Friendships are getting deeper. Appearing at home by surprise gave me a nice warm feeling. Only works once though 🙂
And in the middle of all these people, a lonely piano is playing classical music by himself. How nobody notices it, and how it continues beautifully playing. It stupidly touched me. Hope it is some kind of sign to next year.
Have a Happy New Year Everyone!

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