Top 10 Japanese Mascots

Japan is the land of the cute mascots, cute girls, cute accessories, cute everything!

So today I’m presenting to you the Top 10 of Japanese mascots!

Chihana-chan, the Mascot of Chiba City

Domo-kun, the Mascot of NHK TV Station

Eco-chan, the Mascot of Kyoto City
(couldn’t help but question myself about the meaning of the English logo)

Hantama-kun, the Half-Boiled Egg Mascot of the Hunter Mountain Yuri Park, Shiobara

Kasabou, the Mascot of Kasamatsu Park, Amanohashidate

Kumamon, the Mascot for a Bullet Train Line in Kumamoto City

Kunio, the Mascot of Moriyama Ski Resort

Momo, Chachamaru & Tabita, the Mascots of Sagawa Museum

Tawawachan, the Mascot of Kyoto Tower

Yachinyan, the Mascot of Yonbancho Square Shopping Street

So, which one is your favorite? ^-^

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