If you’re new around here, welcome to The Rising Sky, the blog where you can experience everything you can imagine about Japan!

If you’re already a follower, welcome back! A new design has been prepared just for you!

Almost reaching 2 years of existence, “The Rising Sky” is a continuously growing project, with a great variety of contents about Japan, from Music to Movies, from Photos to Videos, from Food to Culture, from Japanese Lessons to History, from Celebrities to Popular Gags, and much more!

First off, let me introduce to you the new design, and its new features/changes.

As you may have already noticed, the menu has been greatly simplified. Here’s what changed:

  • Deleted the Videos page: Don’t worry! The videos are still available on my YouTube Channel (you can access through the About Me page)! The “Videos” button is still there (in the Gallery submenu), and for usability reasons it will redirect you to the blog YouTube Channel.
  • As mentioned above, yes, there is now a YouTube Channel of the blog! From now on, any videos I upload will be available on the new blog YouTube Channel which URL is http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRisingSkyBlog
  • The videos I upload to YouTube will also be available on the blog Vimeo page.
  • Due to video transfer bureaucracies, the videos on my private YouTube Channel will remain there, so you can watch them by accessing the “About Me” button on the PLUS submenu.
  • Deleted the Multimedia submenu: To make a simpler and more intuitive navigation, I decided to put everything in the same (Gallery) menu.
  • Deleted the “Country” button from the Pictures submenu. It was repetitive with the “Landscapes” one. Now if you click the “Landscapes” button, you will be automatically redirected to “The Rising Sky Gallery”, where I store all the Landscapes pictures I upload and share here.
  • Put the “TOP 10” button inside the Gallery submenu to avoid a too long main menu.
  • Deleted the “Top Charts” pages of both Movies and Music sections. Will possibly reimplement it in the future.
  • The “Proverbs” button (section coming soon!) is now inside the Extra Content page (previously named Extra Lessons)
And that’s it for the menu!
As for other changes:

  • Just below the blog title, you have a group of buttons that will redirect you to the blog’s social networks. They are intuitive and are available in every page!
  • The home page is now free of sidebar! A clean page, featuring the most recent posts, and with a large slider to bring even cooler pictures to you.
  • The blog search box is now right next to the menu. Just click the button to open (yet another click will close it and bring back the menu), and hit the enter key to search.
  • Created a Newsletter box, where you can enter your e-mail address to receive updates directly in your inbox!
  • Now the blog design changes if you resize your window! Go on and try it!
  • Also reviewed and corrected many pages that might have some bugs (work always in progress).
It is a great challenge bringing always more and more interesting content, in a better and better way, and I hope you can find here what you are looking for, the way you like it!

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