Yodobashi Camera and Sekaido, two great stores!

Today I’m going to introduce to you two great stores where you can find a lot of useful products!

The first one is Yodobashi Camera (ヨドバシカメラ)!

It’s the paradise for anyone who likes electronic stuff! Computers, tablets, printers, televisions… All kinds of electronic devices!

They have an unbelievable variety of products (and with great prices), and of course you can expect to find the most recent ones here as well!

Well, it has so many things that I can’t really say much, it’s just go and see!

Next store, it’s probably not so famous, but it’s really good for people who need to by office material with good quality, such as files, writing material, all kinds of paper, notebooks, etc. I’m talking about Sekaido (世界堂)!

It is kind of small if you want to compare with Yodobashi Camera (well, the kind of products they sell is completely different, after all), but that gives kind of a feeling that everything is well organized, and it actually is.

Hope this post helps someone who needs this kind of things! 😉

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