Japanese Music: BABYMETAL (ベビーメタル)

Babymetal (stylized BABYMETAL) is a Japanese metal vocal and dance group, consisting of three girls (SU-METAL (16), YUIMETAL (14) and MOAMETAL (14)). The group is managed by the Amuse talent agency.

Initially formed as a subunit of the female idol group Sakura Gakuin with the concept of a “fusion of metal and idol music”, the group released its first independent single “BabyMetal × Kiba of Akiba” in March 2012, having ranked 3rd in the Oricon charts. None of the three members knew what metal music was before the inception of the band.

On November 2013, Babymetal released their first live DVD/Blu-ray containing three different concerts, having the Blu-ray version debuted at seventh place in the weekly Oricon Blu-ray charts (and at the second place among music Blu-rays).

Babymetal attended the “Summer Sonic 2013” rock festival which was held in Tokyo and Osaka on August 10 and 11, 2013. It was their second time performing at the festival, as they already had participated in 2012, having become the youngest artists ever (with the average age of 12) to perform there. Later, in October 2013, Babymetal became also the youngest artists ever to perform at the Heavy Metal Music Festival, Loud Park. In November 2013, Babymetal released a promo video for the Japanese premiere of Metallica’s movie Through the Never.

The group also had a two-day live concert at Budokan, on March 1 and 2, 2014, and their first album “Babymetal”has been released on February 26, 2014.

Their record label defines the band’s style as “kawaii metal” and clarifies that it means “a mix of J-pop idol music and heavy metal”.

Patrick St. Michel from MTV 81 praises the “pure, headbang-inducing energy” of the group’s live performances and describes their style like this:

The teenage trio merge the seemingly disparate sounds of heavy metal and idol pop, creating music anchored both by throat-mauling screeches and cuddly choruses.

Enrico Ahlig from the German magazine Metal Hammer wrote:

Their recipe for success: short skirts, schoolgirl charm, and high-pitched peepy voices — just like in the manga comics.
But they mix it all with metal. Slams, breaks, and solos are fiercely thrown into a pot of squeaky techno tunes. It sounds weird, but it is so.

Have a look at some of their songs and performances below!

Also, access their official website HERE!

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