3.11 – Don’t Forget

It’s the message that Yahoo! Japan wants to transmit to everyone.

In the above video, Yahoo! Japan makes public the words that people searched the most, before, during and after the 3.11 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis in Tohoku.
We can see words like “earthquake information”, “aftershock”, “gasoline” being hugely displayed, as people were massively searching for it. Some time after comes “relief money”, as people understood the situation in Tohoku and the urge to help that affected area.
As the end of 2012 came (you can see the date of the search results in the bottom left corner), search results gradually started disappearing, as people start making it “something of the past”.
So this is what Yahoo! Japan challenges you to do: search on Yahoo! Japan for the keyword “3.11” and for each search Yahoo! Japan will donate ¥10 to the Tohoku region.
By searching, people will make the memory last longer. Don’t forget.

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