Art: A Grandma and Her Cat by Ihara Miyoko

Yes, I’m definitely putting this one in the Art Section because this IS Art!

Misao lives a rural life outside the city in Japan, and one day she found a stray cat. She took him in, and named him Fukumaru. They have been inseparable ever since.

Misao’s granddaughter, Ihara Miyoko, took a series of pictures featuring the duo lifestyle and created a Photo Work entitled “Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat” (みさおとふくまる, in Japanese), which you can buy HERE!

When talking about her grandmother, Miyoko said:

“When I see the way my grandmother is living her life, I really feel that she has a kind of strength that my generation simply can’t match. She gets up with the sun, and goes to bed when it sets. She loves her cat and the vegetables in her field like her own children. If her vegetables come out well, she’s happy. She doesn’t have to worry about questions like ’what is the point of my work?’ Her way of life fills me with admiration and a sort of envy.”

Please, do take some of your time to fully enjoy these photos, they are beyond heart-warming.

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