Top 10 Japanese Translations of Movie Titles

Ok, you’re right, these are not translations. But shouldn’t they, at least, mean the same? xD

It happens exactly the same in Portugal, so this was a so heart-warming discovery.

“Have you seen ‘Up’?”
“No, never heard of it!”
“It’s about an old man whose house flies tied to balloons!”
“Wow! That’s just like ‘Old Man Carl’s Flying House’!”

Please, do enjoy the following pictures. Direct translation of Japanese titles follows each one.

(Anna and the Snow Queen)

(Phantom Thief Gru’s Moon Thieves)

(Malkovich’s Hole)

(Remy’s Delicious Restaurant)

(Old Man Carl’s Flying House)

(Nice Buddy – Old Man Frank and Robo-Helper)

(I Like Daddy Best in the World)

(President’s Butler’s Tears)

(Hell’s Apocalypse)

(The Bee of Nairobi)

Oh god, this is so epic xD
I mean, I’m not saying it’s wrong according to the movie! But! BUT! xD
Ok, this is so good, so here is an extra one!
(How to Find the Best Life)

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