HiNative – A global platform for your questions!

Today I’m introducing to you something great.

That’s right. It’s that simple.

From the creators of Lang-8HiNative is a smartphone based application that allows people to ask a native of any country any question they desire. Being primarily targeted towards language learners, this service is also great for travellers, or people generally interested in a country.

How does it work?

HiNative relies on its community cooperating with one another. For example, if you are interested in or are learning French, and you don’t quite know or understand something, you can a question to the French speakers of HiNative.

You can do this by using a pre-set question format (see example below), or writing a question of your own. The French natives will answer your question, and other users may vote on what they think is the best answer.

In turn, you are able to help others as well by answering questions directed towards you!

Talking about my experience, I have been learning Japanese for quite some time now, but obviously there are a lot of words, sayings that I don’t understand. Even if I look at the translator, it gives me a different word, because translators are not meant to give you a context, but yes a direct translation.

With HiNative, that problem easily disappeared!

The other day I was in the train going to school, and I remembered a word that a friend of mine said before and I didn’t understand the meaning. I just opened my web browser, asked the question in HiNative, and a couple of minutes later I had the answer I was searching for. I was quite impressed.

For you who are studying a language and bump into that difficult and demotivating doubt, just try and ask a native! Who else could answer you better?

At the moment, HiNative is accessible as a smartphone web browser application (you can access through www.hinative.com), but there is also a standalone app for Apple and Android devices under development and coming soon!

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