Top 10 Japanese Spring songs!

And as cherry blossoms say goodbye to another Spring, nothing better than a collection of Spring songs! Enjoy!♪

– Sakura by Ikimonogakari

– Sakura by Ketsumeishi

– Haru yo, koi by Matsutouya Yumi
– Sakura by Moriyama Naotarou

– Sekai wa mada kimi wo shiranai by Abe Mao

– Sakurazaka by Fukuyama Masaharu

– Saraba Seishun by Chatmonchy

– Haru to Namari by FoZZtone

– Haru ~ Spring ~ by Hysteric Blue

– Girigiri chop by B’z

And as we all love this nostalgic and soothing atmosphere, enjoy some more extra songs! And what extras! 🙂

– Haru no Uta by Spitz

– Michi by Exile

Sakura no Toki by Aiko

(P.S.: You can expect all of the artists above to come into the Japanese Music section soon!)

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