IS JAPAN COOL? All Nippon Airways (ANA) Campaign

Today I bring you yet another exciting campaign!

Is Japan Cool?” is a website by All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest airline, which allows visitors to explore – and vote for – the coolest aspects of Japan. Travelers planning a trip can check out the ratings and decide their “must see” attractions based on that. There are new votes everyday, but here are the TOP 10 coolest aspects of Japan so far:

1. Japanese Hospitality – 6,216 votes
2. High Tech Toilets – 5,133 votes
3. Hot Spring Spas – 4,531 votes
4. Toybox Kawaii Shop – 4,866 votes
5. Kyoto Summer Terraces – 4,278 votes
6. Mt. Fugi – 4,033 votes
7. Character Bento – 3,886 votes
8. Ultramodern Vending Machines – 3,850 votes
9. “Sushi Go Round” (How does the United States not have this?) – 3,163 votes
10. Soba (Japanese Traditional Noodles) – 2,864 votes

And here’s the official TOP 5 for the website’s newest category, Shopping:

1. Japanese Sake
2. Siri Siri (Cutting-edge jewelry from glass, rattan, and other everyday materials of contemporary living)
3. Japan’s Elevator Attendants
4. Andrealage (White coats that glisten faint green and pink in the sunlight, dresses in adjustable sizes, and more)
5. Japanese Gift Wrapping

ANA continues to add new content and categories to its website.

Along with the website, the “Is Japan Cool?” campaign includes the “Experience JAPAN Fare“, allowing travelers residing outside Japan to travel anywhere within Japan for one set price 10,800 yen (approx. $108), from April 1 until October 25. A typical fare, without the Experience Japan Fare, from Tokyo to Okinawa would cost around $460.

Watch two of the videos of the campaign below, featuring Tokyo and Okinawa!

I personally think these videos are absolutely awesome! A lot of times people ask me why I like Japan, why did I come to Japan, and I find it difficult to put a proper answer into words.

So instead let me say: watch these videos. They show a little of Japan beauty and charm. But just a little. Because to enjoy it completely, you need to be here! 🙂

So two more videos! Dreams and Traditions!

For more videos, visit the official website HERE!

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