Anime: Dragonaut – The Resonance (ドラゴノーツ – ザ・レゾナンス)

It’s been quite a while since I watched an anime that I liked this much…

… will probably be what you will think after watching this one.

Well, I enjoyed it quite a lot! The story is quite cool, with quite some unpredictable twists and awesome action scenes. It also has a great soundtrack.

But let’s have a look at it.

Dragonaut – The Resonance (ドラゴノーツ – ザ・レゾナンス) is a science fiction/fantasy anime series directed by Ono Manabu and co-produced by Gonzo and Nihon Ad Systems (NAS). It has 25 episodes which were broadcasted between October 3, 2007 and March 26, 2008. An additional OVA episode was produced for the DVD release in 2009.

As for the plot, twenty years prior to the story’s beginning, an asteroid headed to the Earth destroys Pluto. Due to Pluto’s destruction, the asteroid, which is dubbed Thanatos, becomes temporarily stagnant in Pluto’s orbit. Now, in order to avoid Earth’s impending destruction, the International Solarsystem Development Agency (ISDA) works on the “D-Project“, and secretly creates weapons called “Dragons” after finding a dragon egg in the ocean. However, they soon find out that the asteroid is not their only threat, as powerful, destructive dragons from Thanatos appear on Earth.

After witnessing what looks like a murder by a strange creature, Kamishina Jin, a lonely 18-year-old boy who lost his family in a shuttle accident two years ago, gets involved with the ISDA and their efforts to battle the dragons from Thanatos. Helping him is Toa, a mysterious girl who saves him from falling to his death after the creature attacks him. As they delve deeper into the mysteries of the dragons, they encounter new friends and enemies, and also develop a closer relationship.

I can’t tell much more as it will spoil a little, but please, do enjoy the following trailer and one of my favorite tracks from the official OST!

God, I can’t stop listening to this.

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