Lexikeet Learning LLC, your guide to study Japanese!

Today I bring to you a fresh, simple and innovative new language learning platform!

It’s called Lexikeet Learning LLC, and it might be just what you need if you are struggling with your language studying.

I’ll be covering the Japanese language side on this one and add some pictures so you can see what I’m talking about!

As you can see from the official video above, in this program you are not alone in your study! It keeps track of your progress, your interests, and your study pace, so you can improve everyday, the best way!

After choosing your interests, your desired study time per day, and some other options, Lexikeet gets you interesting lessons to choose from. It recommends you topics, and you can always add more manually if you feel like it!

I think it’s quite good that it is constructed this way because if you are good in studying languages, sometimes you don’t need to repeat the exercises that many times. Here you can just simply skip what you already know, and get directly to what you want to study.
Aside from the daily lessons, you get the chance to play some extra games of grammar, verbs and characters.
As soon as you finish your daily lessons, they’re unlocked, so you can add some extra knowledge to your study!

As shown in the picture above, it gives you the “option of being sure that you are right”. Languages are not an exact science, so sometimes there are different ways of saying the same thing, according to the context. So if you are sure you are right, you can simply say so!

Once again, based on your interests, you can pick your own words to study!
And with this, with just a little of study everyday, you will be improving your language proficiency!
Honestly I think it’s quite an innovative and interesting program, so I recommend you give it a try!
More info below!

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