Golden Week! Literally!

The “Golden Week” (period of consecutive holidays in the beginning of May) is almost over, and today is a day to recover from the really awesome days I spent!

On Sunday I went with some friends to play in a futsal tournament! It was really fun!
And after that we bought some stuff to play at a 100-yen-shop and went to a nearby park to spend a great afternoon playing badminton and so on!

And finally yesterday, we went to the Oya History Museum in Utsunomiya! I’ll make its post separately to put in in the Best Spots section! Coming right after this one!

And after reaching the surface and breathing fresh air again, we visited the remains of the Utsunomiya Castle (which apparently wasn’t actually a castle!) and we ate the famous and delicious Utsunomiya gyoza!

It was a great day, want to do something like this again! ^ ^

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