Best Spot 17: Sumida Aquarium (墨田水族館)



Tickets and Business Hours: CLICK HERE

Some time ago, I went to the Sumida Aquarium, one of the main attractions in the Tokyo Skytree complex, so I decided to leave you a short review!

Firstly, there is something quite worth saying: this aquarium houses more than 10,000 sea creatures. It’s a really impressive display for this two-floor modernly designed facility.
Featuring a 350,000 liter tank with lots of penguins and fur seals, you can watch closely the fun(?) work of the keepers as they feed all the penguins one by one!! It’s obviously safe to say that they know every single penguin by their own particularities. It was really awesome to watch it!

There a gorgeous jellyfish display and research laboratory, tanks with a variety of living beings, from the tiniest little fish to huge sharks. There are also creatures that will most certainly surprise you, from gender-changing fish to mysterious worm-like beings, and much more. It’s sure to be a fascinating visit! Enjoy some more pictures below!

Oh and by the way, they say a new penguin was born recently!

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