The "it’s-not-my-day" days in Tokyo daily routine

Living in Tokyo has a lot of interesting aspects in your daily life. It’s quite useful, you can get almost everything you need, it’s safe, it’s clean. So, one might ask: “is there something bad in Tokyo?”

Well, the routine is seen as a kind of a dark side of the city. And in a society where the community is so important, almost everyone ends up doing what others do. Because it’s inside of their “safe zone”.

And what better place to “face” that routine than inside a train!

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a very interesting and easily understandable questionnaire that was made to Japanese people. The question is:

Q: What moments on the train or the station make you think “It’s just not my day!”? (Sample size=1,067)

Personally, I think it takes a lot of energy to face some of these situations, specially when you are particularly tired, so my advice is to end the pain before, or as soon as it starts!

Here are the situations, and my personal advice:

Rank Score
1 When I get onto the platform just to see the train doors closing
First thing: don’t make tight schedules. A 20 minute-early going to work or school is not difficult and it saves you all the stress. However, if it happens, don’t panic, in the next 3 minutes another train will arrive.
2 Due to an accident, etc, when the train stops between stations and I get stuck inside
No problem for this one. It’s not your fault. IF you get late to school or job, just get a delay ticket from the station staff, and there will be absolutely no penalty for you.
3 When someone who pongs something awful of tobacco is close by
How about moving to another place?
4 When a drunk is close by
How about moving to another place?
5 When a group of people talking loudly is close by
How about moving to another place?
6 When the train is so packed that I cannot move
This one… is tough. If you get caught in the middle of the crowd, there’s really nothing you can do, just wait for your station. However, there are some places inside the train where you get less probability of being pushed. People generally enter through the middle, so if it’s possible, stay at the side of the door. It even gets easier to leave the train. Another possible spot is in from of the priority seats, next to the door connecting to the following car.
7 When passing through the automatic turnstyles and the person in front’s ticket gets rejected
Yeah, it pisses me off, specially if I’m in a hurry. Well, don’t follow the person in front of you so close, or aim at empty doors.
8 When a train has been delayed for a while and I decide to try a different line and get off the train and it starts to move
If you get the delay ticket, no problem. Going to look for another train will only stress you. Unless it’s a really unavoidable situation, of course.
9 When connections are not smooth and I end up spending a lot of time waiting
As in the first situation, try to avoid making tight schedules. Instead, find something worth doing to fill your waiting time, like reading mail in your smartphone, answering messages, etc.
10 When I go for an empty seat, but someone else slips in before me
I personally have absolutely no problems in standing, but if it do happens, just find another place to be, it’s not that big of a deal.
11 When someone with leaky headphones is close by
How about moving to another place? Unless it’s good music!
12 When I miss the last train
Walk home. Or try not to get home in the last train.
13 When I inadvertently forget to get off at the correct station
Just go back.
14 When the train timetables are disrupted and I am late for work
Get a delay ticket.
15 When I get on a train going in the opposite direction from which I want to go
Just go back.
16 When I can’t get on a train because it’s too full
Wait for the next one, and aim for doors where people are not lining up so much. Usually doors close to the stairs are quite crowded.
17 When I want to go to a station that only the local trains stop at, but board an express instead
Just go back.
18 When I get onto the “Mild air conditioning” carriage in the middle of summer
How about moving to another place? Or just hang on for some minutes.
19 When I get onto the wrong end of the train, and changing trains takes far too long
If you’re not late, just enjoy the walk.
20 When I have heavy bags, but the floor is wet so I cannot set them down
After a few times you’ll have some nice biceps!

Yes, the routine may be tough, but there’s no point in moaning about everything. Instead, try to find a way that you can feel better!

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