Tokyo Gas commercial taken off air for being too much realistic

Only those who have passed or are passing through job search activities in Japan know the depression that comes from it.

In the beginning you are full of energy and motivation, hoping to find your dream company, a place where you will like to work and where people will like your work. But after a couple of attempts, you discover it’s not as easy as it initially seemed.

Countless failures arise again and again with that “we are sorry and wish you the best of luck” damn ominous message. You start by having the luxury to choose standards in the company you want to enter, but then you realize that it’d be good go anywhere, as long as you can do something somehow related to your study and you are fairly well paid.

It demotivates. Nothing more. And someone decided to make a commercial showing just that. And another someone decided to take it off air.

But here it is.

It’s part of a series of commercials from Tokyo Gas entitled “Family Bonds”. The commercials are really good, as they show real situations in people lives, awakening warm feelings inside you. (Of course the first commercial is an exception for the people I mentioned above.) You can watch other examples below!

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