The Beautiful-Beyond-Belief Japanese Violinist

Her name is Okabe Machi (岡部磨知), and she started playing violin at 3 years old. In venues such as the Tokyo International Forum, the Ebisu Garden Hall and ZEPP TOKYO, she has been performing original arrangements through all the country, having become a famous player.

Further expanding her activity, she has participated in live performances, recordings and other events as a soloist and arranger for artists such as Dragon Ash, Hitomi, Sound Horizon, AAA, Nishino Kana, Kawamura Ryuuichi, Kumaki Anri, among others.

She has released three original albums, sweet devilCandy girl, and Elpio.
She also participated in the production of the soundtrack of video games such as Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble, Final Fantasy XIII-2, God Eater, and Time Travelers.
Watch below some videos from her YouTube Account!

Also, don’t forget to visit her Official Website and Blog below!


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