The Godlike Schoolgirl Drummer

Her name is Kawaguchi Senri (川口千里), she is 17 years-old, and she is a Goddess on the drums!

Having started her drummer career in 2005, this schoolgirl from Aichi prefecture has won several prizes in drum contests in Japan such as “Rhythm&Drum Magazine” 9th and 10th Drum Contest (2006 and 2007), she has appear in Japanese TV in 2008, she has participated in a music program from CTY in 2009, among other performances.

In 2009, while still in Elementary School, she released a Session DVD with the FRAGILE group entitled “HOROSCOPE”.

In 2010 she was elected as one of the best 500 best drummers in the world by the Drummer World website.

In 2013 she released her first album “A LA MODE”

But enough talking and let’s proceed to the music! Watch some of her videos below!

Follow her activity by accessing the links below!


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