A few important updates!

Hello everyone!

There is a couple of things which I have been introducing in the blog but still have not properly explained, so here it goes!

– The first one is directed to my fellow Portuguese followers, so forgive me for the message in Portuguese!

Estão a ver aquele botão ali à direita? Agora também podem seguir o blog The Rising Sky no MEO!
Há algum tempo criei um MEO Kanal para o blog e tenho estado a inserir alguns vídeos das minhas aventuras por cá. Espero que gostem!

Basta carregarem no botão verde e inserirem o número de canal 123797!
E não se esqueçam de partilhar com os vossos amigos!

– The second update is directed to everyone!

Recently I have been doing some running sessions alone or with some friends here in Tokyo, and I have been recording my progress with the Strava App! So I decided to create The Rising Sky Running Club so especially anyone with interest in this blog or in Japan and also running or cycling may share their sporting experiences, new roads they find, and so on!

You can find the Strava section in the right sidebar!

If you don’t have the Strava App, visit the official website by clicking HERE!

– Last but not least, here is the third update!

Further below in the right sidebar, you can find some “badges” this blog has been receiving. The most recent one is this one:

Yes! “The Rising Sky” is now a Top Expat Blog from Tokyo Recommended by InterNations!

You can click the badge above or HERE to take a look at my interview!

Also, there is another update I did during this week, although it’s not directly visible in the blog.
I have changed the hosting server of most of this blog’s pictures, as they were not all together, so now I’m hoping that you get faster page loading speeds!

And that’s all for now! Keep tuned for more updates!

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