2014. The Year of the Horse. My Year.

Being the last post of this year, this is only the second post of this month, which somehow tells a lot about my recent daily life. However, the last post of the year is something I can’t definitely pass without writing, as it serves as both a review on the year that passed, and a kind of motivation to face the year that follows. So here we go:

JANUARY – snow
After a surprise trip to Portugal, and a couple of days spent with my family, back to Japan.
The same landscape as in the year before, and another 3-day preparation for the marching performance that would take place in the following month.
FEBRUARY – marching
And it came. My second marching performance, and by far the one I enjoyed the most. It was really refreshing and motivating. Also, for the first time I had a lot of friends to come and see me on stage so I was specially happy for it 🙂
MARCH – bonds
This month I traveled a lot, not to faraway places, but more like close trips, kind of rediscovering my surroundings. It was a month when bonds were deepened. With others, and with myself.
APRIL – sakura
As the year before I had gone to Portugal in March, this was the first time I could fully enjoy the beauty of Japan’s most famous flower, the cherry blossom.
Also, it was the beginning of a new school year, which was certain to be a tough one.
MAY – trip

Another trip, another month full of fun things to remember! Not much to add on this one, just that discovering new places with the people I like may be the best thing ever!

JUNE – may disease
The famous may disease. Funnily enough, it started a little late for me. That feeling of incompletion, when you have a lot of things to do but can’t find the motivation to do a single one. As I explained before, it is a common feeling for Japanese, as a new year starts (in April) and you return to your work/school, but find it is not exciting anymore. In Portuguese we would say that “the engine doesn’t start”.
JULY – turnaround
It was a month where A LOT changed. As if my whole purpose of being alive had become different. It was a month where I started viewing everything from a different point of view. “Should I really be doing this?” or “Do I really like this?” or “If I prefer this over that and I think it is better for me, then why am I still doing that?” were thoughts that invaded my mind all the time. And they still continue.
AUGUST – airplane
The landscape I’ve seen so many times now. Almost the whole month spent in Portugal with my family. Nice and warm feeling to be with everyone once again. But something is not right… Something is out of place…
SEPTEMBER – purpose
Without a purpose how can you know where to go? Thankfully I found one. And how beautiful the sky is.
And thanks to the unconditional support, I was able to find a job in Japan! At long last, one of my main goals was achieved. Now I can calmly think about other things, and start planning my future from other perspectives!
NOVEMBER – autumn
This might just be my favorite season of all. The feeling of nostalgia, along with a nice weather (despite the clouds in the picture) makes me want to travel everywhere. I love traveling.
DECEMBER – lights
A beautiful month. I feel happy to have been born in December. Thank You.
And goodbye to this great year. It went as fast as a running horse! Hope next year brings a lot of good things for everyone. Have a happy new year everyone!

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