Dulcinea Quartet – Back to Japan!

Remember this name?
Their fundraising campaign was a success, and as a result, their 2015 Japan Tour has been scheduled! Here are the concert dates:
March 29
March 30
April 5
April 7
April 8


Also, there is information below (Japanese only) on their first concert which will take place in Yaesu Hall, Tokyo, starting at 16:00 (opens at 15:30).


They are also performing a piece together with a shamisen (Japanese instrument) player! It sounds quite interesting and I’m thinking of going myself as well! 🙂
If you’re not sure about the place, check on the map below! (It’s close to the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station so it should be easy to get there!)




(Rehearsing for their children concerts in Japan, and with shamisen player Hibiki Ichikawa!)

Enjoy a piece from one of their concerts in Japan, as well as an audio track from their official website!





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