Win a Round-Trip Ticket to Japan with Wasabi!

Yup, that’s right, you read well!

Wasabi is a new and innovative Japanese language service launched by Dan LCC., a company situated in Nagasaki which provides online Japanese learning!

Wasabi goes with the motto “Spice Up Your Studies“, and has the goal of connecting the Japanese elderly who are eager to be with others with Japanese learners who are eager to study with native speakers.

Facing an ever growing aging population and with people leaving the countryside to live in the city, Wasabi allows the elderly people who live away from the lights to become more active, fighting their isolation, and at the same times, it allows foreign people to have the unique chance to practice their Japanese with them through Skype, at a reasonable price.

Please watch the video below to have a few more details!


Honestly, I think it is an excellent idea, and with very good prospects of success.
You can participate as well!
And there is more!
As this is a new service which launched recently, Dan LCC. is making a Japanese Speech Contest available to all, either you have a membership at Wasabi or not!
With absolutely no entrance fee, you can show your Japanese ability to the world filming yourself in a 4-6 minute video, and have a chance of winning a round-trip ticket to Japan! How great is that?
Don’t let this great opportunity escape!
More info:

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