Chihara Minori, still one of my inspirations

Yesterday I found a very interesting documentary video about the tenth anniversary of Chihara Minori’s career. It’s two years old (don’t know how the hell I let this one pass), but I found it really touching so here it goes! (Sorry it is only in Japanese!)

It basically tells how she started from nothing to reach the point she is now. And how she continued believing in her dreams despite being unsuccessful in the beginning. Her solo singing in Akihabara streets shows just that. “Keep singing, keep singing, that’s what you like to do right?” might be close to what she constantly thought to herself.

And then, when the chance arose, which might be taken as a coincidence, she took it, and thanks to her persistence spirit and personality, she got it. She constantly says it is all thanks to the people around her, which shows her fantastic humble side. That’s what I most appreciate in a human being. To know that you are the result of many interactions with many people and environments, and to be thankful for that.

She says in the interview that she originally wanted to be a singer, but that voice acting work appeared, and thanks to that she was able to meet a lot of people and expand her network. I think it’s a good lesson not to let your opportunities escape.

However, being a voice actress, she needs to “change her voice” into a “cute” character’s one, because that’s what’s expected from her, and she then connects that to her music. That’s the type of music which is most easily enjoyable not only by otaku, but also by the majority of her fans, I guess. I see in that something somehow inevitable, but also a bit of a shame, because I think her “normal voice singing” is way cooler. However, Japan is the “country of kawaii”, so, and saying it in a not so pretty but direct way, “normal voice singing” from an anime voice actress might not be a very clever way of making money. So personally, I prefer to stick to some of her older songs, or discover some interesting ones more recently released.

I do respect her a lot for always singing songs from her older self and for having such a great group of musicians and staff behind her. “While making a living, never forget your origins and what you like to do” might be a fair lesson to take from this.

And it’s with this in mind that her music (especially ballads) really touch my heart today. Thank you for being such a great company on my way to work and on my way home.

とても大事な宝物を見つけました…( ^ω^ )

Below are a few more music videos from her. Enjoy!

You can see many more of her official music videos by following her in Facebook and her official website through the URLs below!茅原実里-47064927735/





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