Anime: Tsuki ga Kirei (月がきれい)

Tsuki ga Kirei (月がきれい, lit. “The Moon is Beautiful) is a 2017 Japanese romance anime television series produced by Feel. It aired from April 6, 2017 to June 29, 2017.

top_main@2xThe plot circles around Azumi Kotaro and Mizuno Akane, as they become third year students at junior high school and classmates for the first time. They’re both put in charge of the equipment for the sports festival, and slowly grow closer via LINE (one of the most popular messaging/SNS apps in Japan).

Akane is a member of the school track team and Kotaro of the literary club, who loves books and wants to become a writer. The two seem an unlikely romantic pair, and the people and situations around them make that possibility even more difficult.

maxresdefault-2maxresdefaultcddd3a291d1878c64d519a7ca9d57a9cThis series was a real surprise for me, as I didn’t find the first episode that interesting. It happens that this series is quite different from others of the same kind, both in animation and in voice acting style. The animation is quite simple, and the voice acting is kind of “amateur”, but as I kept watching, it fit really well, as the characters are from junior high school, and really “inexperienced” in love matters.

With quite a difficult plot turn, I was kind of uncertain about what kind of ending it was going to get, but got a really good surprise!

20170607162346ecbb0ee1While not focusing in countryside life, this series focus a lot on Kotaro’s hobby – participating in the activities of the local shrine (which is located in Kawagoe, Saitama), and that is really nice and quite rare to find! A great mix of modern and traditional Japan, with a simple but touching story, and a memorable ending. Definitely recommend it!


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