Japanese Drama: The Japanese that the Japanese don’t know (日本人の知らない日本語)

Some time ago I watched a brilliant drama, which I only got to know recently, about the daily life (although a little exaggerated) at a Japanese language school.


It was really fun and incredibly close to reality (at least my experience) and I felt really nostalgic about my Japanese school times.

Both students and teachers are quite special human beings: dealing with people from other countries in a different environment is not easy at all! But once everyone gets to be each other’s teammates, it becomes almost like a family.

71wfSDbDE7L._SL1092_The plot goes as follows:

Kano Haruko meets an old high school teacher who suggests that she would make a good Japanese language teacher and offers to help her get a job at a public school. However, she asks that Haruko works at a private school for three months before working at a public school. She gives her a textbook which is for elementary school students.

20100708162035_0However, when Haruko shows up on her first day as a Japanese language teacher she discovers that the school is for foreign students learning Japanese. Her students ask her questions about her own (Japanese) language that make Haruko realize that she doesn’t even fully understand her own native language.

Then, while learning about each one of her students, she also learns about herself, and that is very important to get to know more about her own culture and language.

If you felt interest, don’t miss it!

Watch an excerpt from an episode below! 😉

(By the way, in the video above, the teacher explains that the little circle that is written in some japanese words was created by the Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century 🙂 )

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