Asahi Poo Building!

So, as I wrote yesterday, today I’m uploading a funny picture! Here it is: (Asahi Buildings with Tokyo Sky Tree in the background, Tokyo) I think this post’s title and the picture are auto-explaining, but I’ll describe it for those who still aren’t sure. The buildings on the right are from Asahi Breweries (you can … More Asahi Poo Building!

Interesting details!

Today I’ll post a set of pictures I took of some things that caught my attention. Enjoy! (Pillar in Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo – 靖国神社) (Stone statues in Jourenji Temple, Tokyo – 乗蓮寺) (Detail of the sculpture at the entrance of Nijou Castle, Kyoto – 二条城) (Greeting dolls in Arashiyama, Kyoto – 嵐山) (Written wishes in Kiyomizudera, … More Interesting details!

Tokyo Big Buddha

Deep inside Itabashi (板橋), the city I was living in last Summer, lies Japan’s third biggest Buddha, 大仏 (Daibutsu), after Nara and Kamakura ones. Somehow I felt it is not very famous because there weren’t many people around. However, it’s in a beautiful place, as you can see from the pictures below. (Big Buddha Statue) … More Tokyo Big Buddha