Japanese Vocabulary Lesson 6: Colors

So today we’ll talk about colors!“Color” in Japanese is 色, いろ (iro), and here are some examples of colors in Japanese: English Japanese Black 黒, くろ (kuro) Blue 青, あお (ao) Brown 茶色, ちゃいろ (chairo) Gold 金色, きんいろ (kin’iro) Green 緑, みどり (midori) Grey 灰色, はいいろ (haiiro) Orange 橙色, だいだいいろ (daidaiiro) Pink 桃色, ももいろ (momoiro) … More Japanese Vocabulary Lesson 6: Colors

Japanese Vocabulary Lesson 3: Months

Today it will be maybe the easiest lesson up until now: month names! And guess what, they’re really easy! Here goes: January – 一月, いちがつ (ichi gatsu)February – 二月, にがつ (ni gatsu)March – 三月, さんがつ (san gatsu)April – 四月, しがつ (shi gatsu)May – 五月, ごがつ (go gatsu)June – 六月, ろくがつ (roku gatsu)July – 七月, しちがつ … More Japanese Vocabulary Lesson 3: Months