Top 10 Haunted Spots in Japan

Ginti Kobayashi (ギンティ小林) is a Japanese writer related to the film industry who explores Japan’s haunted places. According to him, here are the Top 10 frightening ones.

10 – Oiran Buchi (Yamanashi)

Close to highway 411, outside Yamanashi City, steep cliffs surround a flowing river. There is a legend that that a long time ago 55 women (oiran) were killed in this spot.

9 – Doryodo Ruins (Tokyo)

In this very place located in Ootsukayama Park in Hachioji, there was a temple. However, in 1963 an elderly woman was murdered there. Ten years later, in 1973, the body of a university student was dumped here after she was murdered by a professor whom she was having an affair with. Ten more years later, in 1983, it was decided to take down the temple.

They say you can still hear crying in this area.

8 – SSS Curve (Okinawa)

Apparently many ghost photos have been taken in this sanctuary for a Ryukyuan religion.

7 – S Shrine (Nara)

Apparently there are several stories of abduction surrounding this shrine.

6 – Old Chusetsu Tunnel (Fukuoka)

This out-of-service tunnel is a popular place to dare someone to walk into. Word has it that this was the scene of a murder, and after entering you can hear a voice say “STOP.”

5 – Tea House Ruins (Miyako, Okinawa)

Not enough information about this spot.

4 – Round Schoolhouse Ruins (Hokkaido)

This circular school in Hokkaido is rather well-known and documented on the internet. It is said that once someone dared to go inside, went insane and disappeared.

3 – Aokigahara (Yamanashi)
This forest showing up on the list shouldn’t be a surprise to those familiar with its reputation. It is maybe the most popular location to commit suicide in the world.

Only adding to the creepiness is the presence of wara ningyou which are little straw dolls that people use like a voodoo doll. By nailing one to a tree you place a curse on that special loathed person of yours.

2 – N Hospital Ruins (Somewhere in North Kanto)

Abandoned hospitals are generally pretty spooky places to be in. And in addition to that, it seems that a mysterious group shrouded in white cloth performs ceremonies here. The stories go that anyone who catches them in the act of a ceremony gets attacked with a sickle.

1 – Hanging Ruins (Shinsekai, Osaka)

Tucked away in the bustling Shinsekai area of Osaka lies a burnt-out building where scores of sneakers are hung. It seems someone once saw a life-sized doll hanging from the rafters only to learn later that it was a real dead body.

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